Sun. Nov 28th, 2021


The iPhone 12 Pro has a few things in common with the iPhone 13 Pro, which make the two phones great additions to any iPhone owner’s collection. Both phones are water resistant and designed to take drops from nearly any device. However, the iPhone 12 Pro does have a slightly better edge over the iPhone 13 Pro, especially when it comes to protection from bumps and outside impact. While the iPhone 13 Pro handles most impacts well, the iPhone 12 Pro manages to be even more protected thanks to its special glass screen protector.

The iPhone 12 Pro has the same basic design as the iPhone 13  iphone 12 pro  Pro, which makes for an easy to use phone. It also has the same basic features, including a keyboard dock connector, headphone jack, and volume buttons on the side of the phone. The iPhone 12 Pro does not include a flash drive, instead using one of the many options available for flash memory. The iPhone 12 Pro does however have one of the most useful upgrades of all the iPhone models, allowing it to connect to the internet through GPRS technology.

The iPhone 12 Pro also includes one of the best kept secrets in the modern cell phone industry, namely the Apple Pay. This handy application serves a couple different functions. First, it allows you to pay for items or services with your cell phone, no matter where you are. Secondly, you can use it to make purchases at select retailers including Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy.

One other difference between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 mini is that the mini is just a little bit smaller. While it isn’t much bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro, it is noticeable if you hold it up against a full size iPhone. The mini is also only available in a few colors (blue, white, black, and green) which are the only colors currently available for the iPhone 12 Pro. The white and black colors are the most common, but people who want to dress their phone up a bit can opt for the red, blue, or green colors as well.

As you might expect, the iPhone 12 Pro has all the features of the larger, higher end iPhone models, but it provides users with the ability to purchase items on the go from any location that accepts debit and credit cards. While this feature may not be very helpful if you travel a lot, for those that need to charge their phones while they are away from home, this is definitely a plus. The two year contract with AT&T that comes with the iPhone 12 Pro also gives you incredible benefits. For example, you get to keep your existing two year plan for an entire 30 months, so you will never need to worry about changing carriers once you’ve locked in your low monthly bill credits!

One thing that the iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t have is a stylus, like many other recent cell phones. Although it is equipped with a hard, non-slip rubberized surface, it doesn’t feel as nice as a real pen, and it’s also a bit on the heavy side. This isn’t really a problem though, because there are plenty of really good, high quality high-gloss, textured rubber pads that you can buy to make using the iPhone easier, especially when typing on the touch screen. The iPhone 12 Pro also lacks a USB port, although it does have a FireWire port that is useful if you connect your iPhone to your computer, like you might do when downloading music or photos. However, the FireWire port is not compatible with many computer applications. The fact that the iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t have a headphone jack means that you’ll probably have to settle for using the audio feature of your cell phone, unless you’re listening to music or videos with headphones.

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