Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Choosing the right hypoallergenic dog food for your dog can be a difficult decision. With so many available, choosing the brand that works for your pet can be a challenge. As the sensitivity to food increases among animals, people are finding new ways to get their pets the nutrition that they need. This includes the option of making home-made food. Which is better?

Store Bought Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Name brand pet food companies have stepped up and answered the call for hypoallergenic dog food. Food bought under this label contains natural preservatives, and no artificial flavoring or coloring. The ingredients in hypoallergenic food are higher quality than most and contain more protein and less fillers. Fillers often serve to make your dog fill fuller quicker without providing him adequate nutrition. The ingredients found in hypoallergenic pet food are healthier and can provide him with the nutrition that he needs without making him feel full quicker.

Home-made Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Some dog owners have the inability to trust brand names. So, to provide their dogs with food, they revert to cooking it on a daily basis. This is a good option if your dog has a severe allergy to an ingredient such as beef that is found in most dog foods. There are recipes available online that offer your pet the complete nutrition that he needs out of every meal. This method includes adding in protein, vegetables, fruit, etc. and creating a meal for your dog. There are some downfalls to this option.


    • Expense – Depending on where you live, the cost to prepare hypoallergenic dog food can be very high. If you are on a tight budget, consider going with the store brand food. Protein will be the number one ingredient. If protein is not widely available in the area that you live in, reconsider this option. russian food store
  • Time – Preparing hypoallergenic dog food can be time consuming. If you are on the go a lot, this may not be the option for you. You will need ample time to shop for the ingredients, prepare them, cook them, and properly store the leftovers.


One of the pros to feeding your dog homemade hypoallergenic food is that you know exactly what he is consuming. You can be certain that there are no added preservatives, ingredients, or fillers that can upset your dog’s stomach. It is also easier to determine what your dog may be having an allergy to by simply eliminating ingredients one at a time until you find it.

Both store bought and homemade hypoallergenic dog foods are good choices if your dog is suffering from a food allergy. There are many trusted brands out there that can deliver high quality pet food at a fraction of the price that it will cost you to make the dog food yourself. Make homemade food a last resort. There is sure to be a brand of hypoallergenic food that will work for your dog. Ask your vet for advice on which food he recommend for dogs with severe allergies or intolerances.

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